Sequoia is your one stop shop for outdoor lighting poles.

From parking lot poles to 150' professional baseball poles, we do it all. 

About Us

Why our customers keep coming back to Sequoia

With over 100 combined years of steel design, fabrication and welding expertise, Sequoia Monopole manufactures complete structures for lighting use. We offer a wide range of pole sizes as small as 10’ for parking lot use and up to 150’ and taller for sports and high-mast use. Our welders and fitters have decades of experience, most of which come from the larger bridge and iron shops in Houston, Texas.

Every structure is engineered for its specific use, structural load and install location. Our engineering includes optional stamped structural drawings and foundation drawings specific to the project and carry an engineer’s stamp in the state in which they will be installed. Engineering is based on predetermined criteria of our customers choice. Common criteria include all AASHTO and commercial codes.

Sequoia Monopole is housed in a 12,500 square foot fabrication shop with a 10,000-pound overhead crane and semi-truck pull through. All fabrication is completed in a controlled, indoor environment, away from the elements outdoors. Our yard is 2.5 acres of raw shaft storage, fenced and security protected. We utilize four 325-amp flux-core wire welding machines, a pole shaft rotating fixture that has a 60’ capacity, and fit-up stations with beam cranes. We have the capacity to produce 500 square or round 10-40’ poles per month.

Our finishes include ASTM-123 galvanizing, paint or powder coating or any combination of the three. Galvanizing proves the most durable and powder coating the most aesthetic finish and a combination of the two provide long lasting beauty with unmatched product life. All poles include hand holes, top covers and standard features others add as options.

When it has to be done right the first time and your budget is fixed, Sequoia Monopole is the right choice, every time. 


Proudly Made in the USA

Our poles, cross-arms, and lighting controls are all made right here, in the United States of America. Our factory is just an hour north of Houston, TX. American Made, and American Proud.

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Square Tapered Steel Anchor

Steel High Mast & Sports Poles

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