Fully Off-Grid Solar Lighting, Made in the USA

Sequoia's innovative off-grid solar lighting system is made just north of Houston, TX in the United States. Proudly Texan. Proudly Strong.

Fully Off-Grid Solar Lighting


Robust Solar Solution

At Sequoia Monopole, we make one of the most robust solar lighting solutions in the industry, custom made for each and every individual project. With our modular LiFe battery pack architecture, we can provide enough battery capacity to operate for as long as a week without any sunlight. This system tightly integrates with our SequoiaGreen area lighting fixture made in Houston, TX, along with our custom engineered pole and external battery enclosure.

Ease of Maintenence

No one ever expects things to break, but when they do, Sequoia's custom solar lighting system is designed for maximum ease of maintenance. Unlike many other solar systems, our battery pack is located in a water tight, NEMA 3R rated ventilated enclosure located at the base of the pole. Ventilation ensures longevity of the battery pack while our unique enclosure design simultaneously prevents damaging water intrusion. In the unlikely event of a hardware problem, electronics from the battery packs themselves to the solar inverters and cabling can be easily repaired or replaced without requiring special equipment to reach the top of the pole.

Zero Operating Costs

Our off-grid solar lighting system is just that. Fully off-grid. There are no ongoing energy costs of any kind.

Competitive Pricing

Not only do we deliver a highly capable solar lighting system, we deliver one that is competitively priced as well. From photometric performance to cost performance, Sequoia aces it in every category.

Product Specifications

Our battery pack is mounted in an external enclosure located at the base of the pole. This ventilated, NEMA 3R rated enclosure insures long battery life and keeps water out. Depending on project requirements, this battery pack can be scaled from one day of off-grid run-time all the way up to a week. Click Here for a spec sheet for the battery modules.

Our solar panels are mounted at the top of the pole on a custom frame assembly manufactured by Sequoia. The panels themselves are manufactured by Hyundai for maximum longevity, endurance and efficiency (They also make for some pretty good shade!). Click Here for a spec sheet on the solar panels.

It wouldn't be much of a lighting system without a fixture. Our SequoiaGreen LED fixture provides between 21,000 - 30,000 lumens depending on the needs of your project. Our design team will work closely with you to determine that lumen package works best for you. Click Here for a spec sheet on the SequoiaGreen fixture.

Our solar lighting system utilizes our square, straight steel pole. We offer a number of customization options ranging from height to material finish and color. For more information on the pole used, Click Here.

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